Monday, 19 December 2011

St. Ignatius High School sends brave intern to the IA

            Here at the Institute of Archaeology we have exciting jobs, where we get dirty and wet at times, or are whisked away to far corners of the country knee deep in mud. Ok, so we are not exactly like Indiana Jones would have you believe. There is no shooting of bad guys in the temples or rescuing treasures while avoiding booby traps.
I think our new intern would be happy that we won't have her visiting any Temples of Doom in the near future, or having to fend off Nazis from stealing the crystal skulls. Gladis comes to us at 17, to get a taste of what it is like to work in the IA. These are her words:

           My name is Gladis Bautista.  I’m 17 year old and I live in United Ville Village. I attend St. Ignacious High school in Santa Elena Town. I’m in fourth form and I’m studying in the science field. It’s a bit challenging but it allows you to take out your skills and show yourself that u can challenge any thing to the best of your ability. I chose this area of study because I believe it has many things u can learn from. Science can be difficult but never impossible to challenge. 

         Why I chose the Institute Of Archaeology to do my work experience? I chose this place because my dream is to become an archeologist one day and what better place could I have gone. It really inspired me from the time I began high school. This is because I believe its really interesting and it can allow me to learn many new things. Therefore, as an intern at The Institute of Archaeology I’m looking forward to learning interesting facts of archaeology and the job of an archeologist. I also hope to have the opportunity to visit one of the sites. I’m willing to give the best of my ability to learn and to do a good job here. Nevertheless, as a young girl aiming for the best I’m looking forward to studying hard and someday finding myself here working as an archaeologist.  Thank you.

            Myself and Ms. Badillo welcome Gladis to the fold and will do our best to show her the ropes. It is always encouraging to meet young people who have an interest in archaeology.

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