Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Welcoming the IA to the era of the BLOG

We here at the Institute of Archaeology have many primary goals, such as managing and sustaining our cultural heritage, as well as the pursuit of educating the population about what we have available in our country, and why it is important to preserve them. Of course along with educating others, we must also educate ourselves and never stop learning and striving to be on top of things, to be cutting edge.

Melissa Badillo and Antonio Beardall out on a site visit
By cutting edge I meant being up-to-date, relevant, known. Social networks have done wonders in terms of linking people, are a great tool for publicising what your organization is doing, and of course links one to new audiences and target groups. Facebook has done wonders, but blogging gives us a greater chance to share our views more in depth, than just a post on Facebook.

Not too long ago we here at the IA had a newsletter called The Underground that covered internal stories and developments we wished to share. Staff members such as Rafael Guerra, Melissa Badillo and Nicholas Foster spearheaded the compilation of articles written by our very own Dr. Jaime Awe as well as other staff members. It was always a great success. However, the very idea of a newsletter is as archaic as snail mail. By the time it gets to you, the story may have lost its power. So, presto! Instant newsletter on your computer.

So consider this the new underground, but always available, saving lots of trees by not wasting paper, and where news and events gets to you as fast as you can click. We may preserve the past for the future, but we do it by using the means of the present.

Antonio Beardall
Research Assistant
Research and Education

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